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To be fair to our students who are on the waiting list, and out of consideration for our yoga instructors' time, we have the following CANCELLATION POLICY:

Due to limited space, 24 hours is required to cancel your registration for class. This advance notice allows the opportunity for someone on the wait list to be offered a spot in the class.

If you do not give proper notice, we require payment in full for the class. If you have a gift certificate, it may be redeemed as your missed class fee. Repeat cancellations will result in prepayment before registering.

To change or cancel an existing appointment, please phone or text us at 352-425-3700.

Out of respect and consideration for your instructor and other students, PLEASE BE ON TIME FOR CLASS.


Multi-level 75 Yoga Class
75 minute Iyengar-influenced Multi-Level class is designed to teach alignment in postures encouraging the student to become aware of their physical body, their strengths and weaknesses, and discover how to develop strength, flexibility and endurance.

Live Class - $18per class

Private Classes any level $45 for 30min and $85 for 60min
Experienced Yoga Class
Iyengar-Influenced Yoga. This class encourages students to explore their limitations, and to challenge themselves in some of the more difficult poses. Inverted poses are taught. Get your Small Group together (2 minimum / 4 maximum) and schedule this class at a time that works for your group,

Live Class - $20 per class

Private Classes any level $45 for 30min and $85 for 60min
Equestrian Yoga / 75 min Multi-Level
Regular practice of yoga improves strength through the entire range of motion. Riders will enjoy greater strength & stability. The increased body awareness is intended to improve the rider's connection with their horse.
Maureen Whitaker, Registered Yoga Instructor for over 40 years, offers her knowledge of precision and alignment in yoga poses to enhance mind-body connections for Equestrians. Class open to the public, you don't have to be an Equestrian to attend.

Sign up online, HERE OR Contact Maureen directly at (352) 614-8346 to register.

April classes will meet at Evolve Power Yoga, 923 N Magnolia Ave Suite 1300, Ocala, FL 34475
May - October classes will meet @ Hands of Grace Massage and Wellness Center

Live Class (1:30pm to 2:45pm) - $18 per class
Small Group Classes
Small Group Classes require a sign up for a scheduled session, or arrange your own group. Minimum 3 people. These classes are appropriate for any age, any level of fitness. Beginners welcome!

Live Class - $85 per class (Min 3 / Max 6 students)
Stretch & Strengthen (w/Mary)
This class is a multi-level yoga class, focusing on stretching & strengthening yoga style.

Live Class - $12 per class
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